by King Kong Girio

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Annabelle 02:28
Annabelle (M. Girio) Annabelle Your world has come undone Quickly dissolving on your tongue The girl you thought you’d be Is someone else’s history From some forgotten seed WHEN HALF THE WORLD IS SLUMBERING YOU LIE AWAKE HALF WONDERING WHO WILL LEAVE SOMETHING HERE FOR ANNABELLE? Everyday the sunlight hits it’s mark Crawling up slowly from the dark The cracks you cannot see At night are spreading out like weeds From some forgotten seed You kick your shoes off in the park Feel the rush of air that’s singing Feet touching the sand that’s stinging Don’t believe a word You can remember Your still Annabelle With no one to absolve you Because the problem still revolves around the fear That’s floating in the atmosphere That’s coming oh so near
At The Smiling Buddha (M. Girio) I while away the summer hours The sunlight falls in through the door I’m staring down onto the dust That’s covering the floor Slumped into the booth I read By the glow of the TV A stranger calls to someone else “Tell me how you’ve been” Brad’s at the bar, he don’t know why Nobody comes out much anymore Just a last dying breath, a murdered scene That everyone ignores AT THE SMILING BUDDHA THEY CALL IT A NIGHT HALF A DOZEN PATRONS AND TWO OF THEM FIGHT IT FEELS LIKE SOMETHING’S WRONG WHEN EVERYTHING’S RIGHT I KNOW I CAN’T STAY, BUT THEN I JUST MIGHT AT THE SMILING BUDDHA Order up another glass Melting back into my seat Recalling all the friends I failed The ones who failed me I’m staring up at the clock The silence buzzes in my head I hold my wrist, I check my pulse I feel like the walking dead Brad’s at the bar....
Moonlight 01:39
Moonlight (M. Girio) Moonlight How do you shine so When I feel so low And crawl beneath? Alright I could not say it Could not convey it When I should have In the sky There reflecting The midnight sun I’m here on Earth Have expecting you to fade or burst Oh, moonlight So now If I’m not mistaken I will awaken All by myself Moonlight Can you please save me? Or I will soon be...
You Won’t Say It (M. Girio) Down on my street Under the roof Out on the floor You and I Drinking the proof Mixing the juice So f--ked up and smiling I’M SINGING OUT OF TUNE YOU SAY I’VE GOT THE WORDS ALL WRONG I’M SO IN LOVE WITH YOU YOU SAY IT’S ALL THE SAME OLD SONG HOW CAN I TELL THE TRUTH IF YOU WON’T SAY IT You brush my arm And give me the shivers So I take your drink You wrestle me for it You cry out loud Say “it isn’t fair!” Well, it isn’t anything, no, if... We get up to dance And fall on the floor Can’t stop from laughing for almost an hour I kiss your face And you roll away And howl at the moon


released October 1, 2011

recorded at The Electrical Room/ Slaughterhouse 754.
mixed at Slaughterhouse 754
mastered by Richard G. Benoit

recorded and mixed by Mitchell Girio
additional tracks recorded by Ralph Pastore at home.

1. You Won't Say It (clean version)
2. Annabelle
3. At The Smiling Buddha
4. Moonlight
5. You Won't Say It

Mitchell Girio - vocals, guitars, bass, Farfisa Matador, Korg MS 2000, banjitar, glockenspiel, Mellotron samples, upright piano, percussion, type writer
Mike Gasselsdorfer - drums
Ralph Pastore - Farfisa organ, accordion, mandolin, melodica - track 5
Prince Perry - vocal - track 5
Alex McMaster - cellos - track 2
Shawn Sage - harmonica - track 5

all songs written by M. Girio


all rights reserved


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