My Favourite Heart To Break

by The Fabulous Lolo Meets King Kong Girio

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Lo The Liar 03:16
Lo The Liar (M. Girio) Board up the windows and lock all your doors Turn every key until your fingers are sore Hide the children underground Coz Lo The Liar is back in town Your call’s disconnected, the phone line is dead Your voice falls silent coz there’s a noise in your head And bells that ring will make that sound When Lo The Liar’s back in town Everyone’s sitting out So scared to be seen Once that they’ve heard my words They’ll never come clean Don’t be so precious to the things you might hear And put on your brave face for the things that you will fear Like a sailor scared to drown Coz Lo The Liar’s back in town Purveyors of justice will call out your names Spreading gossip like gas to the flame The queen returning for her crown Soon enough it all burns down When Lo The Liar’s back in town
Right The Wrong (M. Girio)
From New York To Montreal (M. Girio/ L. Muller)
My Favourite Heart To Break (M. Girio)
The Girl Who Cried (M. Girio)
Just Do Your Time (L. Muller/ M. Girio)
Easy Come And Easy Go Away (M. Girio)
When Time Is Running Out (M. Girio)
Won't Tell The Truth (M. Girio/ L. Muller)
I Know What I've Got (M. Girio/ L. Muller)


This was in the works for a long time. The songs and the concept span a decade. At the beginning of that stretch Lo, Mike G. and I sat down in Montreal and sketched out versions of All The World's A Cage and Shipwrecked Heart. The recordings didn't go beyond those tracks, but it was something that we talked about from time to time. Years later I was talking to Olly Will from Rocking Steady Records and he suggested that I try a different concept, a more difficult one to pull off, but one that inspired me to dig into recording an Ep with a single singer. The concept is not as tight as originally imagined, but that may be something that we visit in the near future among other ones.


released August 15, 2015

Mike Gasselsdorfer - drums/ percussion (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10)
"Lucky" Pete Lambert - drums (8)
Andrew McMullen - drums (6)
Ryan Chopik - electric organ (8)
Graeme Sylvia - tenor sax (2, 10)
Yvonne Moir - baritone sax - (2, 10)

The Fabulous Lolo - vocals
King Kong Girio - guitars, bass, keys, percussion, backing vocals

All songs by Mitch Girio except
(3, 6, 9, 10) Mitch Girio and Lorraine Muller

Mastered by Richard G. Benoit

Produced, recorded and mixed by Mitch Girio
assistant engineering by Aiya Girio (1, 7)
Additional recording by Michael Gasselsdorfer (5, 10)


all rights reserved


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